Manual rotary seeder


Characteristics :
  • It weighs between 5.5 and 6 kilograms
  • It has an capacity of 200 square meters per hour
  • Il leaves a space of 20 centimeters between the pockets
  • The number of grains placed per pocket is between 5 and 10
  • With some adjustments, the manual rotary seeder can also be used for maize and cowpea

Use :
The manual rotary seeder is easy to use. The operator proceeds by:

  • Pushing the seeder with the handle    
  • The jaws penetrate the ground to dig the pockets 
  • The machine automatically leaves grains in the pockets   
  • It then covers the grains of sand with the help of the iron accessory at the back

Advantages of using the manual rotary seeder :

  • The speed of sowing
  • The strict respect of spaces between plants (20 centimeters)
  • The number of grains placed per pocket ranges from 6 to 10 (adjustable)

The advantages and limit :

  • Its use reduces the seeding time by 75%
  • Its use is convenient for sowing on dry soils
  • Its use facilitates the use of mechanical weeders
  • The manual rotary seed drill cannot be used on muddy ground
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